Sneh Senior Community

Sneh Senior Community

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Sneh Senior Community

A Loving & Compassionate Community

​Sneh is a loving and compassionate community that promotes a healthy and socially active lifestyle and knowledge sharing.

Sneh Community​” ​was started to provide seniors a common place to get together and interact with their peers. Our members meet regularly to learn new games, practice yoga, go on group walks, and enjoy each others company during various social events. They also get the opportunity to go on different trips ranging from a scenic trip in the Cuyahoga County to a cruise in Alaska. This helps them stay active​, be well informed, well entertained​ and involved in the​ local community.​

SNEH Community is planning to develop “SNEH Community Senior Living”, an Indian Senior Home in Central Ohio. The facility is proposed to have approximately 100 condos with a centrally located community hall, play room, dining facility catering to Indian tastes and preferences, a temple, a space for yoga classes, a movie theater and other similar amenities for all seniors to live and enjoy together.

In October 2013 ​ the Sneh Community received partnership award from Kegle​r Brown, Hill​ & Ritter, a International Highly Reputed Law Firm,​ for serving seniors of Asian origin in Ohio​. We are a 501 (C) 3 (Non Profit / Tax Exempt Charitable Organization).

Today the Sneh Community has over 100 members and meets on a weekly basis and as needed for seminars on monthly basis.

The Sneh Senior Community is an extension of our ongoing commitment to seniors in the Indian Community. The Senior community will be developed as a tranquil sanctuary for Senior Citizens who desire:-

  • To lead an active life, both physically and socially
  • To live among other Indian seniors and enjoy each other’s company
  • To have security, comfort and care
  • To avail all modern facilities/amenities

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