Ching Ter Maitreya Temple / Buddha Temple

Ching Ter Maitreya Temple / Buddha Temple

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Ching Ter Maitreya Temple / Buddha Temple

World Maitreya Great Tao is an organization that strives to contribute to world peace and harmony by ways of loving nature.  In doing so, we share the vow of Maitreya, which is to make an earthbound Pureland.  Organizations have been established worldwide to promote loving nature and self-improvement through inner change.  We practices universal joy, genuine respect for all people and love for nature.  Through these practices, many members experience a vast inner transformation and their life changes with a new perspective on life.  When all people live by their conscience, harmony and peace reveals itself.

The World Maitreya Great Tao Organization has branch Temples throughout the world in over sixty countries.  Some of which include: America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, France, Austria, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, India and Madagascar.   Ching Ter Maitreya Buddha Temple in Columbus, Ohio is one of these.

We embrace the teachings of Maitreya, to love and to respect all life and nature.  As sincere believers of the Maitreya Faith, we believe the love and the wisdom of Maitreya will guide us to a revolutionary change to uncover the goodness of humankind and restore our harmony with nature.

We believe Maitreya is guiding our world into a new era in which all people will live as a family and have true respect for the sanctity of life and nature.  Therefore as believers of the Maitreya Faith, we will raise our level of consciousness, to respect and love all people and life and create a harmonious relationship with nature.  We share our goals and undertake this revolutionary change.  Maitreya will guide us.  Together, we can bring the goodness of mankind to light.

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