Automotive Embedded Systems Training And Placements

Automotive Embedded Systems Training And Placements




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(a)Automotive embedded c.

  1. Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems
  2. Embedded C & Coding Standards Acc to Automotive
  3. Introduction to ARM
  4. Automotive Embedded System Design & SDLC
  5. Automotive Sensory System
  6. Automotive Protocols
  7. Introduction & Methodology
  8. Advantages of AUTOSAR architecture
1)      Overview and data exchange formats (ECU extract, ECUC, System description)
2)      AUTOSAR Architecture
  1. Introduction to various layers of AUTOSAR
  2. Introduction to AUTOSAR technical concepts like BSW, RTE, SWC
  1. Introduction to design and development of various BSW modules
  2. Demonstration on configuration of BSW modules using AUTOSAR configuration tools

a)      AUTOSAR technical concepts like SWC, Runnable, Ports, Interfaces, etc.,

b)   Demonstration on configuration & design of SWC

c)   Demonstration on configuration of OS(mapping of tasks, events, etc.,)

5)      AUTOSAR Communication Stack
  1. Introduction to AUTOSAR communication stack and data flow between the layers of
6)      AUTOSAR communication stack.
  1. Configuration of various modules of communication stack(e.g.: MCU, COM, PDUR, CAN, CANIF, CANTP)
7)      Goals:
  1. General view of AUTOSAR
  2. Hands- on exposer to work on embedded product development using AUTOSAR Architecture.

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