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Art for the Heart

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Art for the Heart

If life is a painting, then the world is the canvas and we are inevitably the artists. If we want to see change in the world, we repaint the canvas.

Art For The Heart is a non-profit organization formed with an intent to bring the synergy and passion for art together, with a mission to serve the community by raising awareness about Heart Disease, it’s impact, and the ways to fight against it. I believe that there is a greater need to educate, inspire, and bring hope for the community by engaging health care professionals, for-profit organizations, charitable institutions, and community at large against one of the most common disease that impacts new born, adolescence, and all stages adulthood.


1. To provide platform for artists in the community and showcase various forms of art for fundraising.

2. To invite speakers in medical profession to enhance awareness and understanding.

3. To collaborate with medical institutions (such as UC Hospital & Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center) and related associations (like American Heart Association) to participate in events.

:::  How it All Works   :::

 When your order Art Work from our site …

Proceeds are donated to American Heart Association and Cincinnati Childrens’s Hospital – Heart Institute

 We  engage the community in raising awareness about heart disease … THAT INSPIRES, ENGAGES, AND PROVIDES HOPE. 

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