Ankur Gujarati Samaj

Ankur Gujarati Samaj

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Ankur is unique in this country. Very few Indian communities have a place of their own, other than temples, where they can meet, socialize, host dinner and entertainment programs, and enjoy and promote their culture. When people from other cities hear about or visit Ankur, they are awestruck by our close-knit Gujarati community and our accomplishments. “How did you all do it?” they ask. Well, it did not happen overnight! Let’s walk down the memory lane and see how it happened.

Ankur is a common thread that binds us all together.Since its conception and planting, it has established firm roots. It has turned into a mature tree with a strong trunk (Ankur building), many branches (member families) and lustrous green crown – the members, who, through their individual and collective accomplishments have enhanced the image of India in the local community. Ankur started with sixty families as members in 1978. Since then, the Gujarati community has grown manifold. Today, Ankur has matured into a strong, vibrant, and energetic organization with more than 260 families as members.

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